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Akriti Sahil Khanna

By far the best mosquito repellent I’ve used !! And trust me I’ve used from forest essential to Fabindia to local mosquito patches. All the products I’ve used so far had this incredibly strong smell but hardly worked PLUS the smell remained for far too long. But the WICLENZ wipes have a pleasant fragrance and they worked wonders. The ultimate test was last night when I had to go to a farm for a get together ! Considering I was wearing a dark coloured dress the mosquitoes really did stay away from me, all thanks to These NEW wipes in the market !

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Excellent product
Used it on our kids. Was good

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Akriti Khanna

Finally !! A line of WIPES that have a different fragrance , are unusually refreshing and don’t leave my skin feeling sticky. I use these baby wipes on my skin and they leave my skin feeling extremely hydrated, clean and non sticky. A must try product !! Also, the PACKAGING makes it even more exciting to own !! It’s young and fresh just like the WIPES.


Good product Very nice quality wipes.

Amazon Customer

Fantastic. Cleans nice. Plus Side - the kids love the fragrance

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